Friday, July 9, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

So, this week I managed to get my hands on an early copy of Linger by Maggie Stiefvater through an amazing borders adventure.

If you've read Shiver (1st Wolves of Mercy Falls)it might be hard to imagine how there could be a sequel after it ended so perfectly, safely and in my opinion beautifully. But there is no need to fear readers, Linger was just as mind blowing as Shiver, but maybe with a little more drama.

One thing that's hard to get over for me, though it might just be for the Shiver books, is how I have to wait. While Stiefvater is thoroughly romantic, with absolutely beautiful prose, it takes a bit of time to get you hooked. I mean I love reading about Grace and Sam, but when you put in small details like bird poop on a bird feeder, it might be better to cut down on the little stuff.

The plot twists in Linger, I swear, you will never see them coming! Once the book gets going, you'll be very hard-pressed to put it down, desperate to find out what is happening to Grace, hovering around the could-be-something vibe of Cole and Isabel. It's all a rush of feeling, good and bad, frantic and loving that is almost impossible to stop reading.

Originally I was worried about the new point of views since Isabel and Cole join the narrating party. I shouldn't have been. They establish themselves as very separate and compared to Sam and Grace, very outright defiant people. Isabel and Cole have a lot in common, regret and baggage galore which sometimes makes them seem too damaged. They pull off of each other in an utterly fascinating way, exposing raw pain and addiction, just for the bliss of non-judgment.

Then again, one of my favorite things about this book, is the relationships. Somehow Stiefvater has mastered making her character's relationships so believable, and genuine, to the point where I can feel almost every emotion, every tie holding each person together. Sam and Grace have a couple's relationship, and obviously that's wonderful to read, but there's also Isabel and Cole's relationship, the pack's whole structure, even Grace's one with her parents. I love how she never focuses on just one, but takes her time to craft each specially and give it its own value. Then again, that's mostly why it takes so long to get to the action hehe.

But see, I have to mention another little hitch in the book. There is more crack science in the book. The meningitis "fever" cure wasn't too bad, really, really hard to make the leap of faith about getting the contaminated blood and such, but it was alright. In Linger though... even more hard to believe, and let's just leave it at that. I'm trying very hard to break the habit of shouting out spoilers, very impolite. Not to mention making people want or not want to read.

The end of Linger was absolutely spectacular! My head is still spinning. That nameless warm, buoyant feeling you get after finishing a book? Still have it after 2 days. I think it's time for this rambling review to end. Seriously, everyone who has read Shiver needs to read Linger. Or for those of you who haven't read Shiver, read that and then read Linger. It's an amazing book series.

Teaser Line: "Folded in my arms, you're a butterfly in reverse, giving up your wings, inheriting my curse."

(gooooooooooood stuff man :))

-My Summer Girl

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